Some of our old supporters may have noticed that we have relaunched with a new focus and a new look.

Billie’s Fund has been a bit quiet for the last year. You know what they say, “life gets in the way.” That’s certainly been the case for us!

Anyway, we’re back now – with a new focus and a fresh new look to go with it.

Facing the challenges that Billie has had to over the last few years has really brought into focus the difficulties people face whilst dealing with cancer treatment or managing long term health conditions.

Challenges such as spending many weeks or months in hospital (often in protective isolation) without losing your mind. Challenges such as dealing with a disability with the ‘standard issue’ mobility equipment. We know how difficult it is and how expensive it can be.

That’s why, as well as continuing to support great charitable projects, we want to help people directly. We now aim to ‘give a little help’ to people managing cancer or long term health conditions. Find out how in our about us section.


New look

To go alongside our new focus, we’ve re-branded. The new branding and improved website takes hints from the our old style but has more of a ‘grown up’ look. Two of the main issues with our original branding were that people couldn’t tell what we did and thought we were focused on children. We hope the medical reference in the logo, descriptive strapline as well as the ‘grown up’ look resolve this.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


We need your help

There are 15 million people in the UK alone managing a long term health condition. We’re only a small charity but there are so many people that need our help. Every penny you give will make a huge difference to us and allow us to ‘give a little help’ to as many people as possible.

Please consider making a donation or if your able to, take on a challenge and fundraise for us.





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