Sarah's 300km in 30 Days

Sarah Jeffery is fundraising for Billie’s Fund

£515 of £200 raised

Throughout September I will attempt to run 300km in 30 days.

I’ve been an occasional runner for about 5 years but never really took it very seriously until lockdown hit. With unending empty days before me I started running more regularly and was pleased with my progress and the benefits regular running gave me.

Now it’s September and I’m back to work full time (teaching English) so I wanted to do something that would make sure I continued the running habit I carefully cultivated during lockdown.

Finally, I currently live in Prague and I hope to use this challenge to explore more of the parks and green spaces in this beautiful city (rather than jut running 5 laps around the same square every day!)

“I'm raising money for Billie's Fund because it's a wonderful cause that is important to me and my family.“

Eileen Jeffery

£25.51 October 5, 2020

Donated on behalf of Sarah's nanny - remembering the birthday parties!

Sarah Brindle

£10.32 October 1, 2020

Tom Lyne

£40.00 October 1, 2020

Gemma Cross-Bone

£10.32 September 30, 2020

My favourite runner bean 🙂

Charlotte Jeffery

£25.51 September 30, 2020

Run Forest run!

Carol Lyne

£5.05 September 26, 2020

Hope you make your goal

Michael Darby

£30.63 September 25, 2020

Akiko Matsui

£10.32 September 24, 2020

Amazing feat Sarah. Keep going, not long to go!

Allison Miller

£10.32 September 22, 2020

Good luck Sarah! You got this! 🙂

Thao Vu

£25.51 September 20, 2020

Good luck Sarah 🍀😘

Chris Bain

£20.45 September 20, 2020

Well done for upping the stakes 🙂 good luck - 10 days to go 🙂

Christabel Loh

£10.00 September 20, 2020

Keep breathing, keep running, keep exploring. Keep us posted of your journeys, Sarah!